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Ukraine, Kyiv

(October 11-12, 2022)

From October 11 to 12, 2022, the Cybernetic Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) in Kyiv will host the Thirteenth International Scientific and Practical Programming Conference UkrPROG-2022. The conference is organized by the NASU, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Cybernetic Center of the NASU, the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after I. Sikorsky" and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

The purpose of the conference is to highlight the most important achievements in the science and practice of programming and software engineering and to determine the main directions of development of this area of science and technology.

The conference program includes:

• Plenary presentations by leading researchers and representatives of the software industry;

• section reports on thematic areas of the conference.

The conference is held face-to-face participation (оfline). In exceptional cases, which may be related to a military or epidemiological situation, remote reports are assumed.

The working languages of the conference are Ukrainian and English.

The basic organizations for the conference are the Institute of Software Systems of the NASU and the Institute of Cybernetics named after V.M. Glushkova of the NASU.


Scientists and software developers from Ukraine and the international community are invited to participate in the conference.

Chairman of the conference: Sergienko I.V. - Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Director General of the Cybernetic Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


Sergienko I.V. (Ukraine) - Chairman of the Coordination Council

Andon P.I. (Ukraine), Bogdanov V.L. (Ukraine), Zgurovsky M.Z. (Ukraine),

Sinitsyn I.P. (Ukraine), Khimich O.M. (Ukraine)


Andon P.I. (Ukraine) - Chairman of the Program Committee

Sinitsyn I.P. (Ukraine) - Deputy Chairman

Anisimov A.V. (Ukraine)

Balabanov O.S. (Ukraine)

Hlybovets M.M. (Ukraine)

Gorlach S.P. (Germany)

Doroshenko A.Yu. (Ukraine)

Yershov S.V. (Ukraine)

Ilchenko M.Yu. (Ukraine)

Kiridon A.M. (Ukraine)

Kryvy S.L. (Ukraine)

Kussul N.M. (Ukraine)

Letichevsky O.O. (Ukraine)

Nikitchenko M.S. (Ukraine)

Pankratova N.D. (Ukraine)

Pasichnik V.V. (Ukraine)

Pogoriliy S.D. (Ukraine)

Provotar O.I. (Ukraine)

Redko V.N. (Ukraine)

Romeo L. (Italy)

Salem A.B.M. (Egypt)

Sergienko I.V. (Ukraine)

Sidorov M.O. (Ukraine)

Telenik S.F. (Ukraine)

Hluhi L. (Slovakia)

Shevchenko V.L. (Ukraine)


Moroz G.B. (Ukraine) - Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Chumachenko Sv.M. (Ukraine) - Deputy Chairman, S.V. Ershov (Ukraine), Starostin A.M. (Ukraine), Grebennikov A.B. (Ukraine), Salata M.V. (Ukraine), Egorov V.O. (Ukraine), Rogushina Yu.V. (Ukraine), Grishanova I.Yu. (Ukraine), Yanchenko O.S. (Ukraine)


State Scientific Institution "Encyclopedic Publishing House" (Ukraine)


The language of the article can be Ukrainian or English. The texts of the articles are submitted on paper in 1 copy, as well as by e-mail as an MS Word file in the terms and at the addresses below. Technical requirements for the design of works are attached. Publications of the conference will include full texts of articles. Selected works will be published in the journal "Problems of Programming" (№3-4) for 2022.

In addition, the best works will be published in CEUR with further indexing by the Scopus scientometric database. In this case, the organizing committee may require the authors to finalize the publications for additional CEUR requirements clarified during the journal preparation.

Oral presentations and lectures are provided by devices for electronic presentations.

It is planned to use the Zoom and Telegram platforms for remote connection. Specific links for connection will be sent to participants on the eve of the conference.

To participate in the conference with or without a report, you must submit an application letter for each participant (form attached).

After reviewing the articles and application letters, the program committee notifies the authors of the acceptance / rejection of the articles, and the participants without a report - of the acceptance of their applications.

The registration fee for conference participants includes organizational costs, printing of conference materials (program, conference proceedings, etc.), coffee and more. The registration fee is paid for each publication regardless of the number of authors (the amount of the publication fee is paid by the authorized representative of the team of authors). The amount of the contribution for citizens of Ukraine is:

Report and publication - UAH 1,200

Participation without report and publication - UAH 300.

For authors from far and near abroad, the registration fee is 100 euros (payment in UAH at the current exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine).

Members of the Coordinating Council, Program and Organizing Committees are exempt from the registration fee

The Organizing Committee has the right, at the request of the participant, to reduce the registration fee for students, as well as for authors who are in the zone of danger associated with military action.

Invitations to the conference will be sent to participants after registration fees have been paid.

Articles of participants who have not paid the registration fee will not be published.


until 03.08.2022 - submission of texts of articles and applications for participation;

until 31.08.2022 - notification of acceptance / rejection of the article / application letter;

until 15.09.2022 - payment of registration fees;

until 22.09.2022 - sending invitations in electronic form.

Taking into account the military situation in Ukraine, these terms may be changed in favor of the authors. We ask the authors to understand that high-quality processing of their materials takes time.

CONFERENCE ADDRESS: 03187, Kyiv, ave. Akademika Glushkova, 40, building 5, Institute of Software Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, UkrPROG-2022.

CONFERENCE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: 03187, Kyiv, ave. Akademika Glushkova, 40, building 5, Institute of Software Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine room. 225, phone: (38) (044) 526-21-48, fax: (38) (044) 526-62-63, e-mail:

Requirements for articles for the conference UkrPROG-2022

1. The article is submitted in electronic form (electronic media or e-mail), as well as in hard copy in the 1st copy (high quality printout on white paper). The volume of the article is 6-12 pages. Increasing the volume only in agreement with the member of the Program Committee, which forms the program of the relevant section.

2. The file of the electronic version of the article must be in  *.rtf or  *.docx  format. Page parameters: A4 paper size (210x297), mirror margins: top and bottom 2 cm; right 1 cm, left 3 cm, headers and footers 1.27 cm. The font (True type font) of the Times headset (Times New Roman Cyr) is the only one, the heights are listed below. Line spacing is single everywhere.

3. Both versions of the article should be provided WITHOUT page numbering.

Additional information to be provided in a separate file in case of submission of articles for publication in CEUR:

1. The article should be in English (not automatic translation, but verified text).

2. Written consent of each of the authors to the publication in CEUR ("Agree to the publication in CEUR"). The condition of publication in CEUR is the obligatory written consent of all authors.

Articles in CEUR will not be published without additional information!

The sequence of placement and design of the material

UDC (according to the new classification): font 12 pt; paragraph with left alignment, indentation on the left 1.25 cm, no vertical indents.

Title 1 (title of the article): font 14 pt, bold, upper case; paragraph with central alignment, no hyphens, no horizontal indents, vertical indents - up to 40 pt, after 10 pt. First in Ukrainian, then from the next line in English.

Authors: Name and surname (in full, not initials) of all authors, font 12 pt, italics (light); paragraph with central alignment, no horizontal indents, vertical indents - up to 12 pt, after 6 pt. First in Ukrainian, then from the next line in English.

Abstract and keywords are provided in two languages (Ukrainian and English): font 8 pt, regular; paragraph with alignment in width, horizontal indentation on the left 1 cm, right 0, vertical indentations - up to 6 pt, after 0 pt.

Annotations in Ukrainian and English of at least 1800 characters each, including spaces.

Heading 2 (section title): font 12 pt, bold; paragraph with left alignment, without hyphens, no horizontal indents, vertical indents - up to 8 pt, after 0 pt. Lower-level headings (paragraphs, etc.) in a separate paragraph are not highlighted and are the first sentence of the text paragraph, 10 pt font, bold.

The main text of the article: font 10 pt, regular; paragraph with width alignment, new line 1 cm, no horizontal or vertical indents.

Formula: 10 pt font (using Word's built-in Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0 or Math Type formula editors); paragraph with left alignment, two tabs - central for the body of the formula 8.5 cm and right for the number of the formula 17 cm, no horizontal indents, vertical indents - up to 6 pt, after - 6 pt. It is forbidden to provide formulas in the form of a drawing.

References: list of sources used in the language of the article, translate into English. Examples of Harvard Style bibliographic citations are provided in many publications, such as

About the authors (first in Ukrainian then in English):

Name (full, not initials) of all authors, academic title, position, address, number of publications in domestic and foreign publications (approximately), Hirsch index, necessarily ORCID number (ORCID website

Be sure to indicate the mobile phone and e-mail of the responsible autor to work with the editor when preparing the article for publication

About the place of work of the authors: full name of the institution, index, address, fax, phone, e-mail.

Information for the CONTENTS (first all in Ukrainian then in English):

Surname and initials of all authors through a comma

Article title

Graphic material (drawings, graphs, charts) must be a separate object and placed in a Word document by inserting a drawing or object. Central location with indents before and after 8 pt. The caption under the drawings is centered, the font is 10 pt, the indent is after 8 pt. It is permissible to place the image and the caption below it in the frame outside the field with text wrapping. Large-format graphic files for illustrations (such as high-quality copies of screens) must be converted to a color range of no more than 256 colors.

File size for transfer (* .docx) should not exceed 4 MB.

Letter of application for participation in the 13th International Scientific and Practical

UkrPROG-2022 programming conference

  (Kyiv, October 11-12, 2022)


Article title:

Name (fully)

Academic title, Contact position








The letter can be submitted to all co-authors on one letter or to each co-author on a separate letter in the above form.

Information is provided for each co-author of the article.

Appendix to the conference invitation

Information on the organization of reports in person and remotely.

The conference is held in person. In exceptional cases related to a military or epidemiological situation, remote reports are assumed.

The working languages of the conference are Ukrainian and English.

The Organizing Committee provides the ability to connect the speaker's laptop to the projector via HDMI or VGA ports in face-to-face mode, and also provides the ability to duplicate the speaker's screen in a conference in remote mode.

It is planned to use the Zoom and Telegram platforms for remote connection. Specific links for connection will be sent to participants on the eve of the conference.

Zoom. Zoom will be the main tool for remote reports.

To prevent attacks by computer bullies, Zoom will work under the following conditions:

• The conference participant must have a Zoom account with a clear login by which he can be identified. Unidentified participants will not connect.

• To prevent the use of bots, participants will be prohibited from changing their names after joining the conference.

Telegram. Conference participants registered in Telegram can provide the Organizing Committee with their data (login and phone number to which Telegram is connected) for inclusion in a closed group in which an additional video conference will duplicate the demonstration of the conference screen with Zoom. You can also ask questions there.